What SIL and SDA can do for you

People with a disability resulting in high care needs can live an independent and fulfilling life, through matching individualised supports and purpose-built accommodation.

Two funding streams of the NDIS (SIL and SDA) address this for eligible participants by providing bespoke environments and support teams based on that person’s lifestyle, support needs, schedule and preferences. With help from MS Queensland and the NDIS, you’ll be able to have control of your own supports and live your life the way you choose.

What is SIL (Supported Independent Living)?

Supported Independent Living is defined by the NDIA as help/and or supervision of your daily tasks to help you live as independently as possible.


Example of supports included in SIL are:

  • Support with supervision, safety and security
  • Assistance with personal care tasks
  • Assistance with capacity building tasks (meal prep and cooking, cleaning, routine development, etc.)
  • Support for medical appointments

Supported Independent Living does not include the following services:

  • Community Participation (CP)
  • Transport and/or access to a vehicle
  • Internet connectivity and streaming services
  • Food and consumables

These are add-on services that can be negotiated with us or with the NDIA for funding.

At MS Queensland, our SIL supports are typically 24/7 on-call assistance from highly trained Support Staff, who have separate on-site quarters for when you not requiring their help. There when you need them, and close-by when you don’t, this system works to maximise your independence by providing you with your own time in your day and control over when and where you’re supported. 

If you’re considering accommodation for yourself or someone close to you, call us and we can help provide more information. 

What is SDA (Supported Disability Accommodation)?

Specialist Disability Accommodation refers to accommodation built specifically for people with very high support needs. These dwellings are purpose-designed to maximise accessibility and liveability. Essentially, the main purpose of SDA housing is to minimise the amount of support someone might need in their home from other people, such as Support Workers or informal supports. SDA refers to the bricks and mortar that can be designed in such a way to make your space as functional as possible for you.

As with other funding under the NDIS, your SDA funding is spent on how and where you want to live. Our SDA typically consists of individual apartments or villas, which means each tenant has their own accessible kitchen, bathroom, and laundry facilities built to High Physical Support standards.

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What makes Specialist Disability Accommodation different?

It’s required under the NDIS that SDA meets set criteria to make sure your apartments are equipped to give you the best opportunity to live as independently as possible.

Some examples of what can make an SDA home different are*:

  • Accessible bench-tops for cooking
  • Wheelchair accessible bathrooms and amenities
  • Provision for hoists and other assistive equipment
  • Provision for technology eg. Touch and voice activation of lights, window coverings etc.

*Features will differ depending on the building and SDA provider

Because of the nature of Specialist Disability Accommodation, not many people on the NDIS will receive SDA funding – approximately only 6%.

It’s important to make sure that if you think you currently need or may need SDA funding as a part of your plan, that you let us know as soon as possible so that our Intake Team can support you through the NDIS Housing Pathway.

Your life, your way

With SDA and SIL provided, you or a loved one can look forward to living independently. Our job is to assist you in what you want to achieve by tailoring services to your needs.

If you’re interested in our accommodation and want to talk more about how we can help, call us.

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