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A number of community support groups operate across Queensland offering localised self-help, friendship and support for people living with multiple sclerosis (MS) and their family and carers. Support groups are a great way to build confidence, learn about and share MS knowledge and overcome the isolation often experienced by people with MS.

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What happens in an MS support group

Some groups are just social in nature, for example going out for coffee or to the shops or the gym, while others are more structured to provide education and information on different aspects of MS. Support groups for parents with MS, young people with MS, and carers of MS have also been established. Some groups have been meeting for more than 20 years while others have only just formed.

There is a large number of support groups across Queensland and we encourage you to participate and benefit from the fun, friendship and support on offer.

How MS QLD helps with support groups

Although the support groups are autonomous and operate independently of MS Queensland, we act as a central coordination point for sharing news about what’s happening across the groups.

We also host regular gatherings and events where MS support group representatives can share ideas. Groups are also encouraged to communicate and share ideas and information with each other and MS Queensland can help facilitate this through collaboration on newsletters.

Join a support group

Each support group provides detailed information on the group including coordinator contact details, meeting places and times and structure of the group. To join you simply need to search for a support group in your area and contact the coordinator with the details provided. If for some reason you can’t find the contact details for the group, please contact the NeuroAssist InfoLine on 1800 177 591.

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If you would like to start a new support group, please contact the NeuroAssist InfoLine on 1800 177 591 and we will assist you to do this.


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