MS stories

Read the inspiring stories of those living with MS. MS is a unique condition that affects everyone differently seeing it often called an invisible illness. We thank each and every person who works with us to tell their story about how MS has changed their life and what every day looks like living with a chronic condition.

Every story helps raise awareness of MS and its impact! If you’d like to share your story send us an email at

Amanda’s story

After being diagnosed with MS at 25, Amanda found her passion for art. She has since used art to explore the affect MS has on her body and mind.

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Rachel’s story

A champion for people who are newly diagnosed and Rockhampton local, Rachel diligently raises awareness of MS and the impact that the disease has on her daily life and the lives of other people living with the challenge of MS.

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Bruce’s story

Since his MS diagnosis, Bruce focused on what’s possible. The spirit of this mantra has seen him become a boccia champion, winning silver and gold in the 2021 boccia series.

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Eleanor’s story

Diagnosed at just 20 years old, Eleanor has since been determined to share her experiences and positive message of continuing to enjoy life on her terms and do what she loves.

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Janine’s story

Janine is a young, active, and inspiring woman diagnosed with MS aged 25. Not defined by her disease, Janine is an athlete and teacher who shows every day that MS won’t stop her from achieving her dreams.

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Tanya’s story

Tanya refuses to let MS stop her from living her best life. Since her diagnosis in 2015, she has armed herself with the information to face the next phase of her ‘health journey.’

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Wren Brier

Wren’s story

Meet Wren a driven Brisbane-based video game developer living with MS. Wren works as Creative Director at Witch Beam Games on the successful video game Unpacking, while being supported by our MS Employment Support team.

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Charlie and Jenny’s story

Charlie and Jenny Bennett are the ultimate team. Their story is inspiring and they both exemplify what it means to be heroes for the MS community.

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Kate’s story

Diagnosed at only 18, Kate realised very early on that life was going to change. 14 years on, Kate has found her positive outlook with MS and a lifestyle that complements having both a career and a loving family.

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