Newly Diagnosed with MS?

If you or someone close to you has recently been diagnosed with Multiple sclerosis (MS) you may be feeling a range of emotions and have many unanswered questions.

MS Queensland is here to help you through your diagnosis and to ensure no one faces MS alone. We are here anytime, anywhere and as often as you need us.

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1. Get in touch with us

There is much misunderstanding and incorrect information about MS, particularly online and in the general community.  It’s important you have access to accurate and reliable information as you learn about MS and its management.  For over 60 years MS Queensland has been the trusted source of information, care and support to Queenslanders diagnosed with MS.  We are the only Queensland provider with specialised services dedicated to people with MS and our support team is here to help with every aspect of your MS journey.

One of the first steps we recommend is to call our friendly and understanding NeuroAssist Team on 1800 177 591.  They can answer all your questions and concerns as you begin the process of understanding MS and what it means to you and your lifestyle.


2. Take your time, get informed

Initially you may feel overwhelmed by the volume of information you need to process and the different emotions you are experiencing. It’s important to take your time and stay positive. Download this introductory guide and access many other resources across the MS Queensland website to help answer your questions or you can phone us at any time. We also encourage you to read and listen to the stories of people with living MS. You will be amazed at how well you can live with MS.


3. Find support that’s best for you

In the same way that MS affects everyone differently, news of a diagnosis can bring on a wide range of emotions. You may be feeling overwhelmed at the news, or fearful of what it could mean. You may even be relieved at finally making sense of your symptoms, or angry that this could happen to you. All of these feelings are common but it’s important that you have access to the support you need at this time.

Your family and friends will be a great source of strength, however for some people it might take some time to feel ready to share the news of your MS diagnosis.  MS Queensland can assist you during this initial stage and help you prepare for how you will share your news with family and friends.


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